Corrugated Boxes- Why Packaging Matters and How to Optimize Cost

Corrugated boxes are an essential component of good packaging. They offer a cheap and effective way to protect products from any damage incurred during shipping. In addition, proper corrugated box use can help save the manufacturer money. Corrugated paper is a cheaper alternative to other materials such as wood or metal that manufacturers traditionally used for their corrugated boxes.

If you are in the cannabis oil business, you need to tune your packaging perfectly. Besides, your cbd oil packaging is secure and cost-effective for your business. This blog post will discuss how corrugations increase revenue through cost optimization techniques and how they have saved products from being damaged due to improper corrugation techniques in the past.

Know about the corrugated boxes:

What are corrugated boxes? Corrugated boxes are a type of packaging material that is made from paper. It is commonly used to ship goods or store products. Why does corrugated box packaging matter? Packaging matters because it protects the contents inside and prevents damage during shipping, storage, and end-use. For example, we can use corrugated boxes for storing food in your home pantry without worrying about the product spoiling or becoming damaged.

Why do we need optimization?

Suppose you are a company owner and need to decide which packaging material is best for your product. You are trying to figure out the most cost-effective way of shipping your product, but you also want it to be safe, functional, attractive, and environmentally friendly.

You now have many decisions to make about what kind of package will work best for your needs. What size? How much does it weigh? What materials will do the job with the least amount of waste? Is there even enough room in my budget for everything I need, or am I going over budget? The more complicated your decision becomes, the more difficult it can be to find an answer that makes everyone happy.

“A successful company can make the most efficient use of its resources to produce the greatest amount of goods or services for a given cost. Think about it: if you spend more money on your packaging, then your product will be priced higher, and you’ll sell less volume.”

Wise techniques to optimize the cost of corrugated box packaging:

We can optimize the packaging cost of corrugated boxes using many techniques. However, it is vital to make enough rigid boxes to secure your product economically.

Increase corrugated box strength.

Using corrugated cardboard, which is thicker, will help reduce the number of boxes needed to ship your product, therefore reducing corrugated box cost. In addition, Corrugate with a higher caliper (thickness) or double-wall construction should be considered for heavy items because it can provide additional strength and durability to protect goods in shipping while having a minimal impact on how much space an object takes up during shipment.

Create minimum waste:

Create less waste by using die cuts, color coding labels, slotting pockets, etc. Die-cut corrugated board offers features like label slots or printed windows where you don’t need them. However, this reduces the amount of corrugated material used for packaging any given product.

Use custom dimensions:

Customize the dimensions of your packaging and save extra shipping and warehouse costs. Use corrugated sheets that are die-cut to the exact size of your product.

Use corrugated inserts:

You can use corrugated inserts for your corrugated boxes for added protection. In addition, you can use the corrugated insert from the waste of packaging to save the cost of new bean bags.

Protect products from damage:

The corrugated used in corrugated boxes will protect the contents of a packet from damage during transit, which is why it’s so important to have high-quality corrugated packing materials when you ship your goods. Corrugating material comes under different grades – A (the highest rate), B, and C; each with its pros and cons depending upon the application, e.g.:

A180(highest grade):

They are solid but expensive as compared to other grades. Therefore, these are mainly used where there is a need for extra strength like heavy articles. Besides, we need sharp edges, etc., i.e., palletizing of hefty pieces of equipment.

Prevent damage with corrugated boards:

Protects products from damage by distributing pressure throughout the entire unit. However, never focus on any point or side where most fragile items might crack or break under stress during handling.

Use wider flutes where less protection is needed:

Corrugated box flutes use more paper, so you can cut the packaging cost by using wider flutes on the side. This corrugated box manufacturing technique can save costs by around 20%.

Wrap corrugated boxes in shrink-wrap:

Shrink wrapping is an inexpensive way to protect corrugated boxes from damage. This helps you reduce or even avoid the need for secondary packaging like bubble wraps, etc., which results in more savings on corrugated board prices for your business.

Optimize corrugated box size and weight:

This will help you reduce additional costs incurred while transporting heavy items inside a corrugating plant because of over-packing with corrugate sheets. It also lowers trucking charges if we need to deliver bulk quantity once. So, it has all benefits associated with low material handling costs.

Use less thickness of cardboard if using double packaging:

You can use the less thick box for your less delicate products. However, for light products like bath bombs, we need good bath bomb boxes. This results in corrugated box material being the same amount of corrugated board for both boxes.

Use die-cut corrugated flute size:

This will reduce your corrugate usage and save money on corrugating plants and secondary packaging costs, i.e., bubble wrap or other materials used to protect from damage during transport. It also reduces trucking charges if we need to deliver bulk at once because you are reducing weight by using less corrugating mediums. In addition, it is good for the environment since you have minimized the use of cardboard that leads to carbon footprint reduction and energy consumption savings. You can also redesign your product design itself to ensure that there isn’t much alteration in packaging.

Final Words:

It is not only the quality of your product that matters but also how you package it. We’ve got all types of boxes available at the online store. So, make sure you browse through them before deciding what will work best for your company. This article has given some great tips on optimizing packaging costs. Feel free to reach out to them if this information was helpful or if you want more help with anything else related to shipping services!

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