The incredible Garrincha

Nobody would be shocked by hearing that some of the best football players in history have come from Brazil. Names like Ronaldo, Zico, Pelé and Garrincha delighted the world with their incredible technique and talent. The 1xbet.ng/en/ webpage can be visited at any moment by those wishing to place wagers on the Brazilian national side.

For many football fans, Pelé is the greatest footballer in history. However, he also had some excellent teammates that contributed to the titles won by Brazil between the 1950s and 1970s. Whenever great Brazilian players are on the field, it is possible to visit the 1xBet website to wager on them.

Garrincha was another incredible player of Pelé’s generation. In fact, many also consider him one of the best players ever. Also, football experts claim that he is actually the best dribbler in football history.

Two FIFA World Cup titles

Garrincha had a brilliant professional career that lasted between 1951, where he played mostly as a right-winger. He spent his entire career in Brazil. The website 1xBet iPhone app can be downloaded right now to start wagering on the different Brazilian football competitions.

Some of the squads where he played were:

  • Botafogo;
  • Corinthians;
  • and Flamengo.

However, the true highlights of Garrincha’s career took place while playing for the Brazilian national football team. He was a member of it between 1955 and 1966. He scored 12 goals in 50 matches played. The iPhone app of the 1xBet website can also be used for wagering on the Brazilian national squad.

Garrincha and Pelé were part of the Brazilian squads that participated in the 1958 and 1962 FIFA World Cups. Those two championships were won by Brazil. In the 1958 championship, both players were fundamental. However, in 1962 one, Pelé got injured early in the tournament. Garrincha took the responsibility of guiding Brazil to their second FIFA World Cup title ever.

A very particular playing style

Defenders looked desperate when trying to defend themselves from Garrincha’s attacks. In fact, it seemed that he could dribble past defenders and shoot out of nowhere. You can try to make live bet on 1xbet.ng/en/live/ whenever the best football players in the world are on the field.

Garrincha’s playing style had a very concrete explanation. It turns out that one of his legs was six centimeters longer than the other one. Also, both of them were twisted to the left. This condition actually helped him a lot while playing football. Because of it, it was almost impossible for defenders to predict where the Brazilian would advance. This helped Garrincha to easily leave defenders behind. The 1xBet live site allows its members to try to make a bet on the best Brazilian players.

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