What Are The Rules and Regulations of Girls Hostel

A Girls’ Home for Girls is a complex of buildings including dormitories, a school, a community building, gardens, and recreation areas. The school focuses on regional languages such as Tamil and English, while English is taught to higher grades. A

┬ádaily schedule is developed for the students. The students’ day schedule consists of classes, chores, study time, recreation time, and chapel in the evenings. The hostels in Coimbatore rules are outlined in a handbook.

Disciplinary action against residents

Disciplinary action against residents of a girl’s hostel can be taken by the management if the hostel staff finds that a resident is misusing the facilities or is engaging in illegal activities. It may happen that a resident is unable to pay the charges for using the facilities, or that a resident is misusing the computer network. Disciplinary action against residents of a girls hostel in coimbatore is taken in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Rules of the hostel

The Rules of the Girls’ Hostel is the etiquette guide to life at a girl’s hostel. These rules are meant to make the stay at the hostel as pleasant as possible, but at the same time, they are also intended to ensure that the girls do not break the rules of the hostel. For example, all female students who stay at the hostel must rise at 6 am every morning and be on time for prayer. No one should abuse the property of the hostel; damage caused by students may lead to expulsion from the hostel or suspension of their academic classes. Students are also required to maintain their personal belongings safely.

Fire hazards

A recent fire in a girl’s hostel has prompted a campus-wide investigation. Though the cause of the fire is still unknown, a seven-member committee has been set up to identify the fire hazards and take appropriate steps to mitigate them. Among the committee members are all the hostel wardens and an executive engineer. The university has also pledged to check the electrical wiring of the hostels. In a bid to improve fire safety on campus, the university is implementing a comprehensive fire prevention programme.


A new open-air gym has been inaugurated at Girls’ Hostel No. 2. It is located in the campus. It provides all the facilities of a modern gym. Trainers are also available for the students. Gym at girls hostel is a welcome addition to the campus! Besides, it is a great way to keep fit and active during college life! Here are some ways to improve your workout routine. Here are some ways to improve your overall health:

Mess off facility

In case a student wants to use the mess off facility at a working women hostel in coimbatore, she needs to make an application with the Head of the Department. The permission must be sought at least five days in advance. The warden will adjust the mess bill to the number of pending payments. However, there is a provision wherein the warden will offer the student a rebate in the mess bill for the number of days she has been away. The warden and mess committee will consider the student’s family income and living standards.

Instruction in Tamil and English

The Girls’ Home for Girls is a sprawling complex of buildings that includes dormitories, a school, a community building, and gardens. Girls in the hostel receive instruction in national and regional languages such as Tamil and English. Higher grades also receive instruction in English. The Day Schedule consists of classes, chores, study time, and recreation. The facility also offers chapel services in the evenings. In addition, the girls are allowed to participate in sports, dance, and music.

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