Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44 Billion

Dustin Reynolds

Elon Musk is a prolific billionaire renowned for overseeing one of the most valuable American car companies, an aerospace firm, tunneling business and brain chip startup – each known for their technological innovation.

Yet his acquisition of Twitter has drawn notice among lawmakers and social media users alike, who fear his eccentric billionaire promises will alter its user-experience in ways more free speech friendly than previously promised. Elon musk buys Xvideos


Tesla designs electric cars as well as solar roofs and battery storage solutions. Their vehicles will eventually become self-driving – something the company claims will be safer than manual driving – while car sharing may offer drivers an avenue for passive income by renting out their vehicles to others.

Musk co-founded Tesla and now leads its design, engineering, and global manufacturing operations. Additionally, he established SpaceX to develop rockets capable of transporting humans to Mars or other planets; as well as Neuralink’s brain-machine interface technology to connect human beings to computers.

Jordan Marlatt, a tech analyst, believes that Tesla’s recent controversies have damaged its reputation but predicts that it will recover over time. To speed up this process, Marlatt suggests hiring a new chief executive officer so as to separate themselves from Elon Musk’s public persona and create a consistent message and establish trust with consumers.


Musk, born in South Africa to American parents, founded PayPal and SpaceX before making significant investments and taking on leadership of Tesla as its Chief Executive Officer.

Musk has one lofty goal in mind for SpaceX: creating a sustainable human settlement on Mars. In recent years, SpaceX has made headlines for successful tests of their Falcon Heavy rocket — the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed by private enterprise.

NASA and US military agencies have recognized SpaceX for its work supplying food, supplies, and equipment to the International Space Station with its Crew Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX plans on sending astronauts on a mission using their Starship rocket in 2022 – making SpaceX one of the world’s most valuable companies and an employer of engineering students.


Neuralink has made headlines recently for its groundbreaking brain chip technology that can transfer information directly from people’s cortex. While this may sound futuristic, this real technology could have significant applications.

Critics point out that the company has made bold claims about its potential without producing any medically useful devices yet. Furthermore, animal rights activists have accused it of cruel practices when working with animals; one error made in 2021 caused 25 pig deaths when implanted devices ruptured and caused infections that ultimately proved fatal for each pig.

Though critics may criticize Neuralink for its technology showcased so far, some scientists remain impressed. They credit Neuralink with bundling together technologies that have been under development for years; yet some remain skeptical as Synchron has already begun human trials for similar implants.


Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion in April, but soon tried to back out of the deal after realizing spam accounts weren’t being dealt with effectively. To protect free speech he used his bid as justification; Twitter sued him however on charges that his efforts to withdraw violated their contract and attempted to force an auction process instead of keeping up the acquisition deal.

The lawsuit reached Delaware Chancery Court, where it was set for trial this October. But this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to complete the purchase as long as Twitter did not pursue legal action against him.

This deal removes much of the uncertainty for Twitter employees and shareholders over much of this year, yet raises new questions about how Musk will run his new company. He has stated his desire to make Twitter an “all-in-one app,” including social media, payments, messaging services and subscription offerings as part of one service – something which may enable it to generate income without advertising revenue.

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