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WordPress is open source software, making it available and free to everyone who uses it. In addition, its development is continually being refined by an active community of developers and users.

WonderSuite takes the guesswork out of website creation by offering customizable blocks and templates, AI-powered step-by-step guidance, and an intuitive interface – making it the ideal partner on your journey towards building your site.


WonderPopup is a WordPress plugin that makes creating eye-catching lightbox popups simple, helping to increase newsletter subscriber count, showcase videos for visitors, open contact forms and so forth. There are multiple triggering options such as time after page load or percentage visible, or on click of button – perfect for engaging new newsletter subscribers and promoting new products/special offers/open contact forms etc. It supports popular email marketing services like MailChimp Constant Contact iContact GetResponse Campaign Monitor etc while its Free Version adds watermark functionality while its Pro Version removes all limitations – making this an excellent solution for any website!

WonderPlugin 3D Carousel

WonderPlugin 3D Carousel is a WordPress plugin that makes displaying multimedia content on websites more visually pleasing and appealing, perfect for flipping images or other forms of media in an eye-catching 3D layout. Compatible with mobiles, tablets, desktops and beyond!

The plugin includes a LightBox effect, which enables visitors to click thumbnail images or videos and launch them in a popup window. This feature is supported by all major browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and iPhone are supported; furthermore you can set custom widths for thumbnails as well as include image encoding features.

With this plugin, you can quickly and easily create carousels or sliders from posts, gallery images, WooCommerce products and WordPress custom post types. It supports various content formats and includes 10 item skins and 10 single portfolio layouts – as well as text/icons to each item as well as selecting a hover animation effect for its central image.

WPBakery Page Builder makes adding this plugin easy; it is compatible with SiteOrigin and Beaver Builder too! Simply insert its shortcode in a text block for instant carousels! Likewise, in WordPress backend you can manage existing carousels to delete, edit, view or clone existing ones!

WonderPlugin Audio Player

Implementing audio files onto your website is an ideal way to expand the multimedia functionality. No matter if it’s music or podcast-focused, incorporating an advanced WordPress audio player plugin can engage visitors while heightening the auditory experience of your site.

WonderPlugin Audio Player lets you easily create MP3 players with different styles and settings, as well as playlists, on pages or posts. It has an intuitive user interface for quick setup; plus you can embed audio files using shortcodes or PHP codes to embed your audio file(s).

Another advantage of this WordPress plugin is its compatibility with popular page builders and editors such as Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor Divi Builder and SiteOrigin Page Builder. Furthermore, this player supports unlimited audio files and fully responsive design – perfect for music or podcast websites! However, please be aware of its limitations; preloading will preload your playlist on page load; to prevent this simply edit your player under Step 3 Options > Skin Options and uncheck “Play mode – Preload audio on Page Load”. Furthermore, drag-and-drop is not supported at present.

WonderPlugin Carousel

WordPress carousel plugins make it easier than ever to add more images, videos, or audio content without creating an unattractive layout on your website. They allow you to showcase media more attractively while keeping audiences engaged for longer.

WonderPlugin Carousel is a responsive, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to easily create HTML content sliders and WordPress post carousels. This includes supporting images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, self-hosted mp4 or webm videos as well as WordPress posts and WooCommerce products – along with offering image previews in an integrated LightBox feature.

This plugin features an intuitive administrative interface that makes creating WordPress carousels and galleries simple, taking only minutes to create. Simply select your carousel settings, preview its final result before publishing, then use its shortcode or PHP code snippet in WordPress pages or posts; even popular page builders such as WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor and SiteOrigin Page Builder can integrate this plugin. Finally, this plugin can easily add recent or category post carousels that automatically update as content changes – perfect for recent posts and category post carousels!

WonderPlugin Portfolio

Wonder Grid Gallery is a WordPress portfolio plugin that makes it simple and straightforward to create and manage a grid-based WordPress gallery, complete with support for tags and filters, starter templates and an inbuilt lightbox that supports large content. Ideal for portfolio projects, image galleries, blog posts or any ordered grid content this cost-effective plug-in costs $26 and can be found at CodeCanyon.

This WordPress portfolio grid gallery plugin is fully responsive and designed for use on all devices – such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, Firefoxs Chrome Safari Opera & Microsoft Edge browsers. This plug-in supports various media types – videos hosted via self hosted MP4 videos images WordPress posts WooCommerce products in an intuitive responsive grid – plus features drag n drop functionality as well as compatibility with popular page builders or editors such as Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder integrations.

This WordPress portfolio grid gallery plugin is ideal for freelance writers who wish to showcase past writing clips, designers and developers showcasing their work, and website owners who wish to highlight past or present writing clips on their websites. This plugin features various hover effects including flying in and emerging. Furthermore, you can filter and sort your content while linking it directly to social media accounts.

WonderPlugin Slider

WonderPlugin Slider is a WordPress image and video slider plugin designed to create responsive mobile-friendly galleries of images and videos. It supports images, HTML5 MP4 videos hosted locally or YouTube/Vimeo videos as well as WordPress posts/WooCommerce products. In addition, WonderPlugin comes equipped with features designed for speed such as lazy loading and image optimization for optimal performance.

With its versatile layout, its slider allows you to add various media elements – HD photography, videos, screenshots, text, buttons, and shortcodes – for your slider, giving it the look that best matches your brand or website. Furthermore, this plugin features advanced functions like image resizing tools and an inbuilt editor for further customisation.

Your slider allows you to display either a gallery of WordPress post thumbnails, an image carousel with multiple rows of thumbnails, or both at once. It also lets you link your social media accounts for easy sharing of posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts; or to drive people back there from a website visit. 

Other notable features include hero sections – large visual callouts designed to convert visitors into customers or followers; various animation effects such as scrolling and fading effects are available, along with a project management tool for categorising and organising sliders before copying for future reuse; features include hero sections as large visual callouts designed to convert visitors into customers or followers and also project management tool that lets you categorise and organise sliders for future reuse if needed.

WonderPlugin Tabs

This plugin offers various features designed to boost user engagement and time spent on your website. You can use it to display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and HTML5 files; link internal pages, external websites, WooCommerce products or custom content; support click-to-tweet functionality as well as social share buttons and rating systems – these all make for increased engagement for both visitors and yourself!

Xpert Tabs is an intuitive plugin designed to make creating tab sets in WordPress posts and pages simple, providing numerous preset styles which are fully customizable, supporting an assortment of icons for tabs, setting a default ID number for tabs, as well as customising tab header text. Plus, its responsive nature means it works on iPhone, iPad, Android phones as well as Firefox Chrome Safari Opera browsers!

This plugin enables the creation of horizontal, vertical and accordion tabs as well as supporting nested tabs. It can also display multiple images, shortcodes and widgets in one tab for easier browsing. Furthermore, this plug-in works seamlessly within existing pages and posts while being compatible with Gutenberg; to add tab groups simply enter their shortcodes directly in either editor page/post editor.

WonderSuite, a leading WordPress development company, offers a suite of powerful plugins like WonderPopup, WonderPlugin Carousel, and WonderPlugin Slider. These tools simplify website creation with customizable features, AI-guidance, and user-friendly interfaces. Elevate your WordPress site with engaging popups, visually stunning carousels, and responsive sliders, enhancing overall user experience.

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